Pre & Post Natal Pilates

I run individual and small group pre and postnatal programmes. These normally run in blocks of 6 arranged at mutually convenient times.

Private pre-natal pilates classes with Sasha made me feel strong and prepared for birth through gentle and individually tailored exercise. I also felt emotionally supported and that you were a hugely positive influence in my birth preperation. I am sure that my speedy and uncomplicated recovery after c-section is thanks to being fit and strong before birth.  Jade, January 2019


Pilates during pregnancy helps to maintain strength and promote good posture – supporting the baby, reducing many of the symptoms of pregnancy and better equipping mothers for labour. My individual and group programmes are appropriate for different fitness levels and stages of pregnancy.


Before starting postnatal pilates it’s important that you’ve been given the ok after your postnatal check. Programmes are designed to support mothers on the journey back to pre-pregnancy fitness and strength and correct muscle imbalances resulting from pregnancy and feeding and carrying a baby.