What We Did This Week

April-May 2019 Pilates

Spring 2019 Themes

Pilates Principles

Breathing effectively within movement helps both the mind and body to relax, recharge and refocus. Pilates will help you develop greater body awareness and control, through concentration and focus on the detail and precision of the exercises.

Pilates movements are controlled, graceful and flowing. Precision of movement is the key to good pilates practice.

Pilates recruits deep core muscles that help control and stabilize movement – recruitment of muscles should be dynamic and responsive, reflecting the demands of the movement being performed – think of a dimmer switch.

Sunrise Room

Session One

Position Exercises


·Rib-cage breathing – hands on rib-cage, single then double arm drops, single arm reach, rib-cage closure, shoulder drops, windows

Compass, pelvic clocks

Spine curl to bridge with reaching arms

Seated Spine Stretch



Slowing down knee-folds with breathing & concentration

Single kneefolds + leg straightening

Double kneefolds + double arm reach

Toe taps & arm reach


Curl-ups/oblique curl-ups – using in-breath to take further; moderate + kneefolds; advanced rolling like a ball transition to single leg stretch and criss-cross

Spine stretch, rolling like a ball balance, roll-over, OLR balance, spine stretch

Side-lying to prone to side-lying


Leg lift series – lift, slide, inner thigh, small circles

cobra prep, + arm reach

 Leg lifts the other side

Full Cobra


Roll-back – focus on breathing

Roll-back + single kneefold

Roll-back + Russian rotation + single kneefold



Standing star + arm reaching– leg forward, side, back –

Roll-downs + ball between thighs moving down legs

Dip and balance

Session Two

Pilates movements are controlled, graceful and flowing. The precision of movement is the key to good pilates practice.

Dynamic exercises to emphasise flow, also thinking about moving in and out of exercises and smooth transitions between.


Position, duration Exercises


·     Standing on one leg, Standing star + arms

·     Ball rolling under feet

·     Repeat standing on one leg and star

·     Waist stretch, dip and balance in pilates stance

·     Bow and arrow – split stance

·     Roll-downs + pedaling, double heel lift

4-point kneeling to seated ·     Leg slides, to lifts; arm lifts; table top – smooth & flowing!

·     C-curve stretch



·     Fold and hip opening

·     Kneefold, straighten, lower slide back

·     Leg lowering – pnt down, flex up a bit quicker or try doing it in stages

·     Single leg circles

·     Spine curls, then + double arm reach

·     Bridge + leg extension, + leg lifts

·     Hip rolls: feet down, in double kneefold, one leg straight, one leg bent




·     Bicycle

·     Arm openings



·    cobra prep,

·    Single leg lifts, lifts in cobra prep

·    Cobra



·    Curl-ups, oblique curl-ups

·    In or out of curl-up: double kneefolds, toe taps, single leg stretch, criss-cross, double leg straight leg stretch, straight leg criss-cross

·    Single leg back stretch, double bent leg circles, hip roll stretch, arm drops, arm circles, full body stretch



Session Three

Breathing, concentrating, flowing with precision – bringing it all together


Position & Duration Exercise


  • Float arms to back bend + roll-downs + waist bend, cartwheels
  • Spirals, DW in pilates stance
  • Squats + wide leg
  • Dip and balance taking band up and over
  • Star + band reach
  • Split stand dip and balance + band up and over
  • Rib-cage closure reaching band
  • Spine curls – reaching band; holding band in line with shoulders – side reach
  • Bridging + leg extension + band reach
Supine to Side-lying
  • Band and clip routine: leg lowering, leg circles, leg lifts, slides, small circles, press, climbing a tree
  • Seated spine stretch + band round feet
  • Train arms and spinal rotation
  • Roll-backs holding band
  • Roll-ups, cardigan buttons, climbing tree with or without band
  • Lizard
  • Leg lifts, star lizard
  • Cat stretch
  • Band hamstring, gluteal and inner thigh stretches
  • Bent leg double leg circles with band

Session Four

Stability and Control part 1

Equipment: squidgy balls

Position Exercises


Holding squidgy ball:

·     Corkscrew arms standing back bent

·     Waist stretch

·     Spinal rotation

·     Roll-downs rolling ball forward then to the sides, straighten and bend legs

·     Squats with ball between knees

·     Dip and balance with ball between ankles

·     Standing star

·     Travelling split stand dip and balance




·     Ball under foot: slide & reach balled foot, drop, fold, open & straighten the other; change legs

·     Hip rolls – feet together with ball between knees: in double kneefold, leg extension; between ankles straight legged

Ball under sacrum:

·     Single fold, fold and reach, with both arms in the air

·     Double fold, with both arms in the air

·     Toe taps, with both arms in the air, arm reach

·     Single leg stretch

·     Bicycle legs

·     Hip flexor stretch


Seated ·    Spine stretch rolling ball down centre and to sides

·    Roll-backs starting in C-curve rolling ball, + arm reach

·    Rolling like a ball + ball between knees

·    Open Leg Rocker + ball between ankles

·    Curl-ups with ball between shoulder blades

·    Neck pull with ball between shoulder blades



·    Diamond press; rolling cobra




·    Arm openings, side-lying bow and arrow with ball between knees
Supine ·    Spine curls + ball between knees

·    Bridge + leg extension, then lift reaching ball

·    Lower back stretches



Session Five





Session Six