What We Did This Week

Sept-Oct 2019 Pilates

Oct, Nov, Dec 2019

Head to toe Mobilising, Stretching and Strengthening

with familiar and new exercises to help us stay stronger for longer

Sunrise Room

Session One


  • Float arms to arm opening spirals
  • Roll-down then roll down, bend and straighten knees, spine into neutral as bend knees, back to c-curve then roll-up
  • Roll-down to child’s pose – open lower back, breath, relax facial muscles – forehead and jaw
  • Into 4-point kneeling
  • Slow cat: arch back, take it half-way back, weight off hands, into neutral, return to 4-point kneeling x 3
  • Slide right leg back bring forward to 90/90 kneeling – rock back and forward with hands on floor for achilles stretch – within range of movement
  • Hands on hips for anti-clockwise rotation as bring knee forward
  • Left-hand outside right knee, bend right arm rotate rib-cage
  • Left hand on ground for side reach and rotation (mermaid stretch) then reach left arm other side (softening) bringing right arm up
  • Back down to child’s pose
  • Repeat on other side
  • Small wave cat – go forward in cat stretch and ripple back
  • Back to child’s pose and contemplate new movement sequence!
  • Roll-up to standing


  • Float arms in front and circle to side as dip and balance – make sure knees point forward
  • Standing on left leg with step back to calf stretch and spring up, repeat with arm reach, then spiral
  • Bring arms down to shoulder level
  • Standing on left leg, take right knee back at right angle
  • Single dips on left leg
  • Place hands on hips, rotate pelvis clockwise dipping left knee
  • Bring arms over head, lift knee and straighten leg in front take right leg behind and waist stretch from right arm, bringing left arm up
  • Float both arms, feet hip distance apart C-curve with knees bent
  • Repeat on other leg
  • Finish with dip and balance with plier

Pelvic stability & mobility

  • Compass, pelvic clock
  • Single knee drop, drop, single kneefold, single kneefold + straighten and lower

Stamina – 4 reps each side, keep hands behind head

  • Curl-ups, obliques
  • Single kneefold + hip opening open, double fold
  • In double fold: hip opening, toe taps, hip rolls
  • Straighten legs: open, single leg lowering lower, hip rolls
  • In curl-up: hip openings, toe taps; straighten legs: hip openings, leg lowering, double slow toe taps

Prone: Dart

Side-lying: Arm-openings, bow and arrow

Band section:

  • Seated spine stretch, train arm spirals
  • Cardigan buttons
  • Teazer balance
  • Band stretches: hamstrings, gluteals, inner thigh
  • Double leg circles

Session Two


  • Long frog spine stretch, bring knees together holding calves to back bend
  • Floating spiraling arms


  • Spine-curls: breathe out as tilt pelvis, breathe in; breathe out to hammock, breathe in; breathe out to full bridge; hold for in breath roll back down
  • Spine-curls + spiraling arm reach
  • Place prickly ball under back:
  • Pelvic tilts (Not compass)
  • Knee openings, knee drops (within range of movement)
  • Pelvic tilts, knee openings, return to neutral, untilt; repeat with single knee drops
  • Roll-up and remove ball

Stamina – sets of 4 reps

  • Curl-ups Obliques
  • Single fold, change legs
  • Single fold with single leg stretch x 4; change legs
  • Repeat in curl-up, then oblique
  • Double kneefolds
  • Double kneefold + single leg stretch; oblique + single leg stretch
  • One leg folded the other straight roll hip to side and back to neutral (can do with prickly ball, can take into bridge)


  • Long frog spine stretch, hands under knees back bend
  • C-curve to V-curve roll-backs
  • Roll-backs + single leg stretch

Side-lying – top leg bent on prickly ball, lower leg straight in line with hip

  • Inner thigh lift with toe pointed, leg slides, slide leg back and double pulse

Four-point kneeling

  • Angry cat sit back to neutral
  • Add single arm lifts to neutral


  • Little dart: + little single leg lifts, shoulder rolls palms up to down, combine with leg lifts, double leg lifts + rolls; back extension from little dart


Four-point kneeling

  • Little wave

90/90 kneeling

  • Rock backwards and forwards, rotate hip, gate post rocking to side; straight leg gate post rock backwards and forwards, arm openings, arm openings further back

Relaxation/ball rolling

  • Single leg stretch, stretch
  • Hip roll stretch
  • Single leg hip roll with ball under buttock
  • Hands behind head, in curl up place ball under shoulder blades
  • Ball under base of skull side to side, nodding
  • Hold in place as work down neck with care
  • Standing ball rolling under feet, calf stretch
  • Roll downs


Session Three

Soft ball, prickly ball

  • Floating arms to waist twist
  • Roll-downs with flat back – bend knees, push rib-cage forward, stick bum out, arch to roll-up
  • Hip hitches
  • Step right foot forward, rotate hips anti-clockwise; step back, step left foot forward, rotate hips clockwise
  • Hip distance + wide leg squats, dip and balance
  • Hip distance + wide leg squat, dip and balance
  • Single dips, leg in front, then behind for waist stretch with oblique

Roll-down to to 4-point kneeling

  • Angry/neutral cat
  • Half-kneeling neutral + arm reaches
  • Leg slides + lift
  • Table top


  • Darts: shoulder rotation, leg lifts, combine; double leg lifts, combine with shoulder rotation; beats, Sphynx back extension

Side-lying: inner thigh lift, slide, slide and pulse


  • Spine curls + arm reach
  • Hip spirals up to shoulder into bridge
  • Prickly under back pelvic tilts, knee openings, knee drops; tilt open or drop, return to neutral, un drop

Soft ball under back for stamina set:

  • Single folds, fold and open; single fold + arms in air; double folds + arms in air, + arm reach; toe taps + arms in air, + reach back; straight leg side scissors; bent leg single leg stretch
  • Hip flexor stretch
  • Hip rolls + ball between knees, in double kneefold, one leg straight one leg bent, then between ankles for straight slow toe taps in curl-up

Seated spine stretch rolling soft ball

  • Ball between knees for C-curve to v/curve roll-backs, + arm openings, + reach arms up and waist twist
  • Roll-ups holding ball; rolling like a ball with ball between knees;
  • Seated spine stretch to RLB balance (V-curve), straighten and bend, roll-over back to RLB balance, then seated spine stretch
  • Seated spine stretch rolling ball along legs
  • Inner thigh stretch in long frog


  • Arm openings + ball between knees


Session Four

Session Five

Session Six

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