What We Did This Week

Sept-Oct 2019 Pilates

Sept-Oct 2019

Achieving strength and control while promoting flexibility and releasing tension

We’ll be aided by prickly, squidgy and weighted balls.  Exercises will be slow moving with control to promote strength.  They’ll also be lots of stretching and a bit of ball rolling.

Sunrise Room

Session One

Standing ·      Roll-downs + weight to side, centre bend knees

·      Roll-downs + walk out to foot peddling

·      Squats hip distance; zig zag to wide legs

·      Slow SOL to calf stretch; + floating arms; + single arm reach waist stretch to each side; + floating arms and waist twist

·      Slow SOL to lean forward and balance

·      Dip and balance + dip in balance

Supine ·      Rib-cage closure

·      Windows

·      Compass

·      Pelvic clocks

·      Spine curls

·      Spine curls + arms

·      Single knee drops, double knee drops, hip rolls

·      Single kneefold, + hamstring stretch + lower and slide back

·      Straight leg circles

·      Double kneefolds

·      Hip rolls in double kneefold

·      Curl-ups/obliques, curl-ups + double kneefold, obliques

Seated ·      Set-up

·      C-curve

·      Roll-backs

·      Lean backs

·      Rolling like a ball

·      Spine stretch, rolling like a ball balance, roll-over, back to balance and spine stretch

Prone ·      Cobra prep

·      Cobra

4-pnt Kneeling ·      Cat stretch
Prone ·      Single Leg lifts

·      Single leg lifts in cobra prep

Side-lying ·      Straight leg lifts

·      circles

·      Bent leg lifts

·      Arm-openings

Supine ·      Lower back release – single leg hug, double leg circles, hip roll stretch

Session Two

Session Three

Session Four

Session Five

Session Six

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