Nov Dec 2020 Week 5

Seated with spiky ball: zig-zag hips, spine stretch, mermaid; Standing balances; Supine: spine-curls, core sequence with spiky balls – curl-ups, hip rolls and toe taps; Seated – roll-backs rolling spiky ball, slow rolling like a ball; Four-point kneeling to prone: cat, push-ups, star, big wave inverted V to front support; Prone: Cobra

Nov Dec 2020 Week 1

Standing: roll-downs to 4-point-kneeling: cat stretch, front support to Prone: dart. Standing balances. Supine: Spine curls, single drops and folds, curl-ups, obliques, core sequence, slow rolling like a ball to Seated: spine stretch, roll-backs, cardigan buttons. Supine: bridging, lower back stretches.