Pilates online from the Sunrise Room and in person from Harberton Parish Hall

  • A term-based, weekly timetable of progressive, themed classes
  • Suitable for a range of levels
  • Videos if you miss or want to return to a class
  • Free introduction to pilates video and set-up session when you register
  • 1-1s and 1-2s online or in the Sunrise Room near Harberton

“I have found it just as motivating to do the Zoom classes as the “normal” group classes! Watching Sasha go through the exercises has made it easy to see the postures and positions I should be aiming for.”


What’s on offer

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Pilates online

“It has been a real joy to have Sasha’s Zoomed classes to look forward to” SueRead More »
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“I can develop my strength and range of movement while working safely” MaryRead More »
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Harberton Hall

“Pilates classes each week are a real pleasure. A great workout in a relaxed environment”.
KatherineRead More »
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1-1 & 1-2

“Our sessions are varied and informative, and the exercises are structured to suit my needs”
ChristineRead More »

Latest news

About Sasha

I took great pleasure in running small classes and 1-1 pilates sessions from the Sunrise Room with its panoramic views over the Devon countryside. Coronovirus brought this to an unwelcome pause, but it’s been great to be able to continue online. It’s important for me to know the individuals who take part in online classes and watch the videos so I can ensure they join a class that is appropriate to their level and are aware of exercises that are most beneficial to them and those they should modify or avoid. I want my online presence to be more than a click on a link.

I discovered pilates 15 years ago as it helped improve the back and hip problems I’d developed from running and working in jobs that involved lots of sitting and driving.

A couple of years ago I discovered the Franklin Method and Art of Motion’s Anatomy Trains in Motion – both of which work well with pilates and use ball rolling and movement patterns to promote healthy bodies and minds.  This summer I have been training with Art of Motion. Elements from both these sources are increasingly incorporated into my classes.

I am a Levell III pilates instructor, also Level III pre/post natal exercise and Level III personal trainer. For my own fitness I enjoy cycling and walking around the Devon lanes, swimming, gardening and of course Pilates.

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